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Kyrie's School Blues

“As she sang the notes, the lyrics and rhythms safely delivered her to a peaceful place outside of herself, a conduit for her pain and the forceps for the pleasure deep within her and coaxed out through her song. Singing was God’s way of speaking to her, shielding her, keeping her, loving her.”

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Kyrie's School Blues

Kyrie’s School Blues is the newest book in THE GIFTS JOURNEY!  This is the first book in the Third-Fifth Grade Chapter Book Series. 

Kyrie’s School Blues addresses the power of reading and vocabulary building, confidence and self esteem building, bullying, resilience and finding your voice. 

THE GIFTS JOURNEY SERIES will explore many of the social and emotional learning themes initially introduced in Gifts in Brown Paper Packages, the novel.

Meet Kyrie!  She is an eight year old fourth grader who is intelligent and not afraid to show it. Kyrie loves reading and building her vocabulary.  Kyrie carries her special notebook, “Kyrie’s Fantastic Words List” everywhere she goes and incorporates her growing vocabulary into her thoughts and conversations.  Homeschooled until age eight, Kyrie is eager to attend school for the first time to finally make friends.  

But when peer bullying arises, Kyrie has to develop the confidence to devise a plan to stop the bullies in their tracks! 

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About the Main Character, Kyrie

Kyrie Graves is an inquisitive young girl that is seeking a few core things; love, genuine friendship, acceptance, understanding, voice. Readers will get to know Kyrie through her life experiences …the good and the less than desirable. Kyrie is smart, funny, tough, strong, and endearing. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

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